Saturday, March 21, 2009

someone had to do it (sorry Walt) . . .


O SELF I sin—a imp, a son;
Yet the word       ,    the word ass.

O top to toe I sin;
Not alone, nor bra on, or for the Muse,
—I say he or om is or far;
The Female equally with the Male I sin.

O if men pass, pulse, and pow,
Cheer—or free act or under law
The Mode Ma I sin.


Radish King said...


Steven Fama said...

Clayton Eshleman has written, and agreed that I may post, the following:

Dear Steven,

Gertrude beat you there: in "Yet Dish" (from Bee Time Vine, 1913-1927) she writes:

Leaves of gas, leaves of get a towel louder.

Cheers, Clayton

phaneronoemikon said...

ass-shaped eaves would still be an 'architectural' coup, and you could have light-bulbs where the anuses go
and the calves and feet could line up
to be like window awnings.. I can totally see this. This is really cool SF.


Florida Web Design said...

hhmmmnnn Im not sure Im getting this one at all.