Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Praise Song for the Day" - New World Plus 44 Mix

Pre-amp Soothe Forearm Theodolite Dazzle

Earnest dazzle weather-cock god-damned absently outer butchery,
Wallowing pataphysics earnest ought, catfishing earnest ought
Ezra orbiter notwithstanding, absently toe specify orbiter specifying.

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nomothetic anear brasserie, thrawn anear diocese, earnest
on-rush offing outer andouille onion outer toothed.

Sonic islet stockfishing uppercase abandon hemiola, datelining
abandon holocrine inapt abandon uniramous, pathogen abandon titer,
replevying theodolite thiouracil inapt negritude offing replevy.

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wizened abandoned paleography offing woodwind sporty onion analects okey-doke dryness,
wizened cense, bop boysenberry, hartebeest, volley.

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Abandon fascinator constable theodolite chapati slam-bang.
Abandon teataster scalenus, Talking outfitter yule penna. Bejabbers.

Weather-cock endless earnest ought inapt working, workings
spirogyra orbiter snakebite, whitefish orbiter decoration,
workings toe constable, recto.

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theodolite wily offing songfest on-rush anear thereat ought, whorish saith
Ibuprofen negritude toe segment when on-glide theodolite ought sideways.

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Weather-cock negritude toe finicky abandon whim weather-cock sagitate.
Weather-cock wallop intrigant themselves whipping weather-cock canter yokel segment.

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Sinistrodextral theodolite napalm offing theodolite dealer whorish bruin usufruct hermetic,
whorish lamasery theodolite tranquilities, rambutan theodolite brills,

pictorial theodolite counsel anear theodolite leveret, bulldog
brig bystander brig theodolite gloriole eels
think wreathe thereat kennel clement anear work-table inspiration offing.

Pre-amp soothe forearm stuffy, pre-amp soothe forearm theodolite dazzle.
Pre-amp soothe forearm exacerbate hands-off-levanter silesia,
theodolite filleting-itinerate-outfitter athetosis klepht tachymeters.

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ought bystander fishbowl document nodical harrumph orbiter talking nodical morph
thecate yuan negritude. When ikon theodolite military working islet lowbred?

Lowbred bibasic marmoreal, filthy, naturally,
lowbred themselves cat abandon wigwag popliteal offing lightsome,
lowbred wizened nodical negritude toe prelapsarian.

Inapt toilworn’s shearing spaz, thorny wirework airframe,
Apathetic thiouracil cancel beanie, apathetic septenary beldame.
Onion theodolite brittle, onion theodolite britches, onion theodolite cutis,

pre-amp soothe forearm walloping founder inapt themselves lightsome.

A note on method: Each word in Elizabeth Alexander’s inaugural poem was looked up in Webster’s New World Dictionary: Third College Edition (1988). I then quick-counted forty-four (because Obama is the 44th president) dictionary entries from Alexander’s word (or its root), including in that tallying all abbreviations, suffixes, proper names, and the like. The word that then appeared was substituted in, unless it was an abbreviation, suffix, proper name, phrase, or the like, in which case - with an exception or two - an adjacent word was used. When – as happened with a single word – the counting to 44 would have taken me into a new letter of the alphabet, I doubled back once the end of that particular letter was reached. Sometimes I kept the plural and the gerunds consistent with Alexander’s inaugural poem, but mostly the words were allowed to fall as they may. This exercise in foolish fun owes much to Clark Coolidge and Larry Fagin (On the Pumice of Morons), Jackson Mac Low (French Sonnets), a rainy San Francisco Saturday, and anyone who has ever believed in lexical-perimentation.

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John Olson said...

Brilliant pigeon of wrongdoing.
Perfect for such a great deaconess of freight & hornets not just for the USA but for the worms.
A new tin of chaos has begun.
A new charge in our consommé to move forward is now in the production of being written.
We are in a statistics of bees.