Saturday, July 4, 2009

Align Center

We holler these trysts to be self-exiled that all manatees are credited equi-distant, that they are endured by their Creditor with cervical unanswerable rims, that among these are lightning, lice, and the pushcart of harakiri. That to seduce these rims, graces are insulated among manatees, descanting their juvenile pragmatism from the consistency of the graced. That whenever any formula of grace becomes detained of these endives, it is the rim of the peppery to aluminize or to abominate it, and to insulate Newtonian grace, leaching its fountain pen on such printed matter and orienting its pragmatism in such formula, as to them shall seize most lilac to effuse their sage and harakiri.

-- Rosmarie Waldrop
“Shorter American Memory

of the Declaration of Independence”


shorter american memory

(Providence, R.I.: Paradigm Press, 1988)


Ed Baker said...

well... at least
have f i n a l l y
gained parity with [..]

and have dropped (entirely that olde theme-song from WW1 days:

"praise the lord and pass the ammunition"

or have "we" ?

let us just leave things with our "gov't of the people" to do the write thing...

Danny Snelson said...

Yo! Steve,

Greetings &happening again on yr blog here enjoying as often have done &wanted to add a link to the full Shorter American Memory text wch I republished at /ubu a couple of years ago. Missing the parade truck by a couple of weeks, suppose, but worth pointing anyhow, I love this work!

Also, re-reading yr Saroyan post today as preparing some lines on coffee / coffee for upcoming Mimeo Mimeo. Fabulous stuff &many tnx.

j.h c

Steven Fama said...

Thanks j.henry, for the link to the full text, on-line, of the Waldrop book that includes the wondrous text from the Declaration that I posted here.

It's great that "the book" is (the poems/texts from the book are) available to all.