Sunday, October 23, 2016

Philip Lamantia Day -- 2016
Roman mosaic: Odysseus and the Sirens (Bardo National Museum, Tunis, Tunisia)
I have always dreamed of the ultimate triumph of the Sirens who, it was said, were ‘defeated’ in their poetic combat with the Muses, and who can be deciphered to typify imaginative freedom from the restraints of rationally controlled poetry, whose spokesmen, like all good bourgeoisie, must always recommend that we ‘plug our ears’ against the enchantresses heard by the inspired poet on his voyage to the unknown.

 – Philip Lamantia, “Poetic Matters,”
 in Arsenal Surrealist Subversion (1976) 


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Sheldon Brown said...

Nice post! Philip nails it. Happy PL-Day!!!