Monday, April 12, 2010

Holy Versed!!!



Rae Armantrout

(Wesleyan University Press, 2009)



Curtis Faville said...

I've been an Armantrout fan for over 35 years. A vindication, a ray of hope, and a well-deserved triumph. The best of the "language poets" FOR SURE!

J said...
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J said...

More boring PC bric a brac ...folderol, sry to say--then so is 95% of modern poesy--really, another update of ee cummings (or WC Williams, beat-haiku greeting cards, etc). "Tennis wit' da net down" in the words of Frost (perhaps the last authentic American poet).

Syntactical cleverness does not a poet make--then one might say the dead Ahht of poesy has been interred for what...80 years? (180? :)) Where's the scribe who could update Dash Hammett's Red Harvest ...or Pynchon for that matter